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Septarian – inner harmony, combining physical, emotional and mental energy

Here is the king of semi-precious stones – septarian. The originality of nature in the case of this stone delights and shocks – you will never find two identical specimens, as it consists of a mixture of different minerals. This is a unique stone, full of mystery, formed at the bottom of the sea about 50 million years ago! Find out more about it and learn about its properties.

The word septarian is derived from the Latin “septum,” which means seven, as the stone appears to be divided into seven sections, or “saeptum,” meaning division due to the different areas on the mineral. Septarian, is otherwise known as Dragon Stone. This original name comes from a legend passed down in Madagascar. According to it, when dragons died, their remains ossified and settled to the bottom of the sea. And from them formed a septarian, with an unremarkable mixture of yellow, golden brown and black, with a touch of gray. Resonating with the strong energy of the Earth. This precious stone is usually composed of calcite, aragonite and gray limestone, and is formed from marine sediments due to volcanic eruptions. However, its uniqueness also means numerous surprises in its composition. We can find specimens containing hematite, flint, jasper, dolomite, pyrite, among others. This stone is found only in a few places on Earth – in the aforementioned Madagascar, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Canada and Morocco.

Properties of the dragon stone

Stimulates the base chakra. Is a protective stone, both on the emotional, psychic and etheric levels. Harmonizes the chakras, meridians and aura. It brings peace to life, psyche and body. It helps you face life’s challenges with grace and new strength. It also helps you understand any situation that until now seemed incomprehensible or senseless. It will come in handy during problem solving and in the process of group work. It will increase your confidence, patience and belief in your own dreams.

Are you a student? Or do you perform in public?

Septarian is an ideal stone for those who are eager for knowledge. It facilitates the absorption of information, brings out our inner wisdom and awakens dormant layers of creativity and inner strength. At the same time, it is great for people who perform in public – it gives them courage and confidence. It also improves communication skills, makes it easier to engage the audience and keep their attention until the very end, by establishing a personal connection with the group.

Effects of septarian on health

Relieves pain. It helps treat gout. It also aids in the process of cell regeneration. It facilitates sleep, the storage of minerals in the veins and boosts immunity. It energizes the body and helps fight stress and anxiety. It is also indicated for problems with nightmares, senile dementia, attacks of hysteria, and the need to strengthen bones.

Or maybe you need a rehab from social media?

This stone will trigger the owner’s natural need for privacy and keeping a hint of secrecy around. If you spend hours on social media and eagerly share the smallest details of your private life, arm yourself with a septarian and stand up to the lack of privacy.

Meditation stone

Whether you meditate or just want to start, septarian will help you with your practice. It calms, brings harmony and tranquility to the space in which it is placed. It improves your mood and relaxes you no matter what the circumstances. It is ideal for workshop rooms, rooms where yoga classes are held and places where meditation is practiced. It is also useful at work and while traveling.

Septarian stone and its effect on relationships

Even if you are happily married, living under a common roof and raising children together, you are still entitled to a little privacy. And this stone will remind you of that. It will show you your intimate world, which you don’t want to share with anyone else. At the same time, it will protect you from evil glances, charms, or too much interest in your personal affairs by unwanted people.

How to use the dragon stone?

You can wear it as jewelry, in the form of a ring, bracelet or pendant. If you can’t wear such jewelry, just keep it with you. You can hide it in your wallet or pocket. It is important that it be close to you. It will protect you from energy attacks, help you in spiritual and personal development, harmonize and improve your mood.

This stone is especially recommended for bulls. It is also recommended for healers and shamans, as it will suggest how to help others, uncover deeply hidden causes of illnesses and bring insights needed in therapy. It is also worth using during meditation and yoga classes. It will also work great for drummers, and is used, moreover, during séances with shamanic instruments. It also helps bring a group closer together and stimulate people’s ability to increase concentration, hence it is great for various types of trainers, leaders and during circles for men and women. It is also useful for people in creative professions – it helps to discover new ideas and turn them into reality, strengthens patience and helps finish projects to the end.

Septarian has not only luminous energy and strong grounding and protective properties. The individual blend of components of each mineral combines the properties of the individual stones that make up the whole. A number of its advantages and originality make it recommend it with a clear conscience to anyone!