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Violet aura – an extraordinary shade of the energy field, the color of healing and purification

In many belief systems, purple is the color of purification and healing, symbolizing creativity and enlightenment. Purple in the auric field signifies a person who is highly intuitive, spiritually aware and mentally confident. The color violet is a beautiful shade. Having it in the aura is unusual because it is not commonly available. The purple auric field is associated with purification and healing, and symbolizes a highly advanced soul and the highest level of consciousness. Most often this color is seen periodically, for example, when a person experiences strong positive emotions, such as love. Reading the aura is a very personal process, and the result depends on many factors. Interpretation can change depending on a person’s passions, health, interests or dislikes.

What can a purple aura mean and what does it symbolize?

The shade of violet is associated with divinity. Meditation with this color allows activation of deeper consciousness. Shades of purple in the aura can signify a person with a deep sense of service to humanity. The difference in the shades of purple and the clarity of the aura have differences in meaning. This color can appear in shades from dark to light, and each purple in the aura is experienced differently.

Dark purple: if you have a dark purple hue in your aura, it may indicate the need to overcome obstacles so that you can then achieve total balance.

Lavender: lavender color is the shade of dreamers. If the aura takes just this shade, it indicates an active imagination. It also defines a mind filled with many fantasies and an active life on the astral plane.

Indigo: the indigo color in the auric field indicates strong intuition. This shade is associated with the third eye, which is open or beginning to open.

Bright purple: an aura radiating pure, clear purple indicates a balance between the heart and mind.

Violet: this color is associated with the nervous system and the pineal gland. It indicates a state of balance with deep awareness and a sense of spirituality. The violet hue does not show an emotional state but a spiritual one.

Individuals with a violet aura

People with auras in violet shades are generally very sensitive and can easily read the emotions of others. They are also deeply connected to animals and are nature lovers. Feelings, fears, emotions and desires coming from all directions permeate the thoughts of people who have this color in their auric field. This allows them to send and receive messages with ease. With the dominant energy of violet, they can also return to a basic state of spiritual calm, focus and understanding without the slightest problem, regardless of obstacles.

People with auras in shades of violet make great teachers, poets and speakers, who are eager to share information and gained wisdom. They are curious, inquisitive and intuitive, so they have a vast store of knowledge. In addition, they are well aware that every positive as well as negative action comes back sooner or later, so every day they try to make the right choices they can be proud of.

Benefits and disadvantages of having a purple aura

An innate desire to learn and help makes people with a violet aura extraordinary workers. They thrive in humanitarian work, in social services or when helping animals. Thanks to their innate empathy, they also have a unique connection to the spirit world. Having violet in the aura can mean that peace, the ultimate expression of love and truth in a given life, is part of the soul contract. The shade of violet can also mean that its possessor is an evolved soul who has experienced many incarnations. People who are endowed with the color purple have to contend with more than just the feelings and emotions of others. Despite the fact that this shade is extraordinary, unique and brings many benefits possessing it is also associated with a few disadvantages:

People with a violet aura, due to their predisposition to read the emotions of others, often have problems finding true love, as well as maintaining friendships. This privilege makes people who are afraid to openly show their feelings feel uncomfortable in the company of someone who can wordlessly recognize emotions.

People with violet auras very often use their extraordinary abilities and devote themselves excessively to many goals.

People with auras in shades of violet have demanding lives that must be in constant balance to avoid burnout and withdrawal from society.

Having an auric field with the color violet can be helpful when connecting with a life goal. This color also releases past wounds, as well as provides awakening and understanding.