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Removal of curses – how to remove the curse yourself

If a series of various misfortunes occur in a house, such as someone suddenly dies or someone commits suicide, etc. then you may realize that we are dealing with some magical activity, or even a curse.

Remove the curse? Secure yourself

More and more people are becoming interested in magic, and it is not always white magic. These, individuals forget the principle of “what you send, it comes back to you sooner or later”. Many such seemingly innocent games end tragically for some. Therefore, it is very important to protect yourself and be able to defend yourself mentally.

The simplest shield is to imagine a thick layer of white light surrounding you from head to toe, which does not let anything but good and kind feelings and intentions pass from you or to you.

The identical method can be used to protect your home, apartment, or other important places where you stay. Before that, however, for example, if you suspect that some dark practices have taken place – you need to restore peace and harmony in your home.

The Ritual of the Three Candles will remove the curse

So I will present a simple “RITUAL OF THREE CANDLES”.

One of the most effective methods is to light three consecrated candles.

With the lit candles you need to go out in front of the front door of the house and mark with their smoke the sign of the cross in the air, thereby pronouncing the words “Let what is evil – go away into the shadows and never return, in the name of the Most High, let what is evil in this house go away.”. The same should be done on the outside of all the windows that are in the house or apartment.

Such a magical operation must necessarily be performed at midnight, when the moon enters its new moon phase.

Once the walls of our house, asylum, temple are cleansed and healed, we should protect them from unwanted visitors, spells or curses.

Every now and then, let’s fumigate the house with white sage , do it with love and good intentions, and it will be good for us.