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How to choose an amulet that will bring you good luck?

Have you ever wondered how to choose an amulet that brings good luck? What to follow when making a choice? If not – you have the opportunity to catch up. The fortune teller Oskar Rybczynski presents the advantages of using amulets, and tells you how to choose the one that will bring you luck! Those who are not interested in esotericism have also heard about the protective effect of amulets. Even they hang horseshoes in their homes and put elephant figurines on their shelves as a symbol that brings good luck. As a personal magic item, an amulet should be chosen judiciously to preserve one’s own energetic harmony, while effectively protecting oneself from negative influences such as charms. How to choose amulets and how to use them to enjoy active protection and balance?

What is an amulet?

The term amulet is very often used interchangeably with talisman, meanwhile there are important differences between them. Amulets have a passive energy, that is, one that activates only when there is an energy threat. They repel bad energy from their owner and thus protect him from misfortunes, charms and people with bad intentions. Talismans, on the other hand, have active energy that operates at all times. Instead of protecting and repelling threats, they attract positive situations and energy. Amulets as objects with magical protective effects come in many forms. As far back as ancient Egypt, the popular eye of Horus, scarab, or Ankh cross were used to send negative energy away from the person who wore them. In Israel and Arab countries, the symbol of Fatima’s hand is popular and is said to protect against the evil eye and any charms cast by people. The white pentagram with one arm pointing upward is also an amulet, widely known in Europe, and was a symbol also used in Christianity until the 14th century. Among all the signs with a rich history, an amulet can also be called a horseshoe hung on the wall or over the entrance to a house, which is designed to ward off evil from inside.

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Interestingly, the Catholic Church is very critical of amulets, while at the same time popularizing certain forms of them itself. We are talking about images of saints who, as patrons of various spheres of life, are supposed to protect against evil and make sure that misfortunes do not happen in the life of the one who wears them.

How to use amulets?

When choosing an amulet that brings good luck and protects against the evil energy of its owner, the way it is worn is also important. Usually the symbol is hung on a thong or silver chain, but it can just as well appear as a pendant for a woman’s purse or another piece of jewelry. It is important to keep it close at hand at all times, because the moment when it will be needed will most likely come without prior notice.

Amulets can protect not only people, but also places. They can be hung over a door or simply on a wall. It is good that this place should be visible already from the entrance – then the amulet will have a stronger protective effect. Such an object can also stand on a shelf above the fireplace or right next to family photos.

Amulets, like other personal magic items, do not like to be touched by strangers. This can disrupt their energy and thus weaken the effect. Importantly, they should also not be overdone. Someone who wears too many magical signs on their person can disrupt their own aura in this way.

Cleansing the amulet of energy impurities

The energy of an amulet is affected by the intentions of the person who made it, and even the material from which it is made. This is why it is so important to buy such items from specialized esoteric stores or to make your amulet yourself. After buying an amulet, it is a good idea to clean it of unnecessary energy residue. This step can be skipped when the amulet is a gift from a loved one and you consciously want to keep the remaining positive energy of the relationship on it, or it was created by an esoteric specialist who properly directed its effect.

The easiest way to purify amulets at home is with non-iodized salt, in which they should lie for several hours. Some specialists also recommend optionally purifying them with water, even running water. Then the amulet is rinsed under water for about three minutes.

How to choose an amulet for yourself?

When choosing a personal amulet, the most important thing is intuition. Sophisticated signs and symbols are of no use if the person who wears them does not understand their meaning or simply does not feel any consistency with them. The symbol itself, which the amulet represents, is never as important as the bond between it and the person using it. This is why there are no universal amulets that work in every case and for every person.

The simplest amulet may be a stone. You can choose it based on the recommended gemstones for a particular zodiac sign or element. An ordinary field pebble that has simply gained the affection of its owner will work just as well. When one’s own affirmation gives it the right energy and direction, the lack of rich symbolism will not be any obstacle. For this reason, there are no contraindications before making your own amulets. An object with a magical protective effect can become even the simplest pendant, but it is worth the force of affirmation to ensure that its energy is appropriate.

For those who appreciate the rich symbolism of signs, an amulet that brings good luck can be in the form of a rune, the sign of the atlantes, the cross of life Ankh or Thor’s hammer. However, it is particularly important to have a thorough understanding of the chosen symbol and how it works, and a feeling of energy compatibility.