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Energy cleansing spell-does it work?

Ordering such a service, everyone begins to wonder if it works and if anyone does anything at all? Or is the improvement in the situation after someone said , that he began to take action, is based on the psychological effect?

Well, no – there is no difference in practical terms whether someone performs energy cleansing remotely or on site. The effect and action is the same. Hence we need a name, date of birth and preferably a photo of the eyes. We then know that we are acting on the person who has come forward with the problem.

The photo, however, is optional – it makes a lot easier but is not necessary.

Working with energies, we connect with them regardless of distance. There are no limits in this world, we act on the energy matrix, which we cleanse and then fill in the gaps and deficiencies to make the whole thing equal.

Everyone has his own method and his own way proven in practice and slightly modified for his angle. However, the principle is the same.

So what is the difference between cleansing, for example, with a candle directly over a person lying down or over a phantom drawn on a piece of paper or a photo with data written out?

None – the effect will be exactly the same.

All that remains is the question of trusting the person to actually cast the spell. However, this is already an individual issue.

But now let’s go back to the information on energy cleansing at a distance – here acting we enter the energy of a person.

When removing energies that block any or all of the spheres at the same time (financial, health, emotional, spiritual spheres), an empty space is created. This place, after clearing, is filled with white energy (that is, energy that is appropriate for the person).

Now there is a process of alignment of energies – it is similar to making a cake.

All the ingredients are thrown in and need to be mixed to a uniform mass. The equalization and normalization of energy works in an analogous way.

And now it doesn’t matter if we do it physically during an on-site session or if we do it at a distance. In energetics, distance in kilometers has no meaning, just as in another dimension there is no time.

In addition, I’ll add at the end that cleansing done at a distance also has advantages. We don’t have to go anywhere, we can continue doing our daily chores and it doesn’t take precious time away from the person being purified, which here in this dimension and density, is very important.