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How to remove a spell or curse?

As you know, we live in a world where not everyone is favorable to each other. Someone wishing us ill may not necessarily be doing magic to cast a spell or a curse on us. Often, simple hatred, or even aversion towards us, can cause life situations that are tragic for us. Why is this happening? everyone has heard of thoughtforms. Every thought is energy, so if someone regularly, for a long time wishes us badly, it can bring us negative events in life. Is it possible to be immune to people’s envy and cursing? Fortunately, yes. It is about removing spells / curses and cleansing the aura. Unfortunately, we will not usually be able to lift the curse or charm ourselves. This is because, if you are a sensitive person, you won’t be able to generate enough energy to defeat the energy vampire (because that’s what you call people who wish others harm). To get rid of the evil charms directed at us, it’s best to ask someone who deals with this topic and knows how to do it. In my life, I have had over a dozen situations in which I took charms and curses off people. Some cases were relatively simple, although there were some cases where I had to perform several rituals at regular intervals to free a person from the curse. For those who suspect that they may be under bad influence, I recommend checking the “Removing spells and curses” tab. Please write boldly and remember that first I check for free if you are really under the influence of negative actions. Sometimes we only feel that we are influenced by evil spells, and we are not.